Monday, January 16, 2012

All Done

Matthew did his first sign language today. "All Done". He copied me twice today in his own little way! So cute.
He is also driving his cars and monster trucks on the floor. Not always on all four wheels, but it is cute to see him rub them back and forth on the floor and up and down our legs. We did a few more master pieces of finger painting today. It has been a relaxing day today. Mike is home home and has been playing with and reading to Matthew all day. He is currently saying "I'm gonna get you" as Matthew crawl sprints away from him while giggling. Did I ever mention how great of a dad he is? I got a cold coming on and it has been so relaxing to have Mike home to wear the boy out. Colds are much easier to have with an older baby than an infant now that he puts himself to sleep and plays by himself.

Next on the agenda. Teach this boy not to go face first down our step into the family room. He hasn't learned that it never really goes well that way.


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