Friday, January 13, 2012

I Have a Kid. A KID.

WHAT? It just hit me today. I have an actual kid. A kid. Not an infant. It seems that out of nowhere my little, tiny, scrawny, infant, has turned into a kid.

My baby that survived off of my milk and required bouncing, a clean diaper, and sleep, has in 9 months progressed to the inevitable.......

* standing and holding onto my legs while Im cooking dinner
* calling people with my phone
* no longer eating purees, but gets his own meal ordered when we are out to dinner
* shoving pasta and actual pieces of chicken in his mouth by the fistful
* dropping the rest of the food on the floor when he is done
* instead of napping, standing in his crib and reaching over to pull the curtains down
* turning pages in his books
* knocking down block towers
* crawling over to the DVD player and looking at me to see if I will let him touch it or not (never have so far)
* plucking guitar strings
* screaming and kicking every time I try to change his diaper
* crawling around in the bath
* knowing what "kiss" means
* initiating peek-a-boo
* crawling so fast and hard the floor shakes
* takes a pair of plastic glasses and tries to put them on my face
* knows what it means when i say "daddy is home"
* every night I lay him in bed, he rolls to his side and reaches back his arm, waiting for me to put a blanket over him so he can grab it and hold it tight for a long nights rest.
* whose smile puts butterflies in my stomach

I am letting it sink in.
I love this reality,
that just doesn't feel real all the time.
I actually have a kid. a kid.
I just love it.

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