Friday, January 27, 2012


UGH. Do you ever have on of those nights that you completely waste? I just did. I just spent most of my evening on the computer and now I feel so yucky. I could have spent the last two hours crafting, finishing the amazing book Im in the middle of, calling a friend, praying, cooking meals to freeze for the week, cleaning, practicing guitar, or exercising. But no, I just spent two hours doing NOTHING! NOTHING! I am sad this is how I decided to spend my time with my husband gone. So this post is a reminder to NEVER do this again. Yuck! Adios evening. Too bad I will never get you back.

On a happier note. Matthew and I have been out of the house nonstop the past week. And well, I think it has been wonderful, but I also think he needs a day in the comfort of his own home tomorrow. So I think that is just what we will do. Happy weekend!

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