Monday, January 2, 2012

Books and Laughter

Today was great. 
We all slept in till 8 - heavenly- 
We then went to downtown royal oak and brought Matthew to our favorite place.
The bookstore. 
He is a lot more grabby for things these days which makes shopping more interesting, but fun for sure.

I'm not huge into New Years resolutions.
I typically am just not good at that kind of thing.
But something without a checklist or a written plan, 
is that I would love to make more memories and laugh more this year. 
Mike and I have been spending way more quality time together, talking, playing games, reading together.
We have a second car potential, and it looks like it might be on its way in a few days.
So that might help with getting out with Matthew a bit more.
I know it will be a smiling year!!!

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