Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Holiday Update

ME: What is your favorite Holiday?
MIKE: ...........Yoooooou're birthday!

Christmas, My Birthday, and now its the New Year.

Christmas was great! We spent the Eve with Mikes family. It was a blast, they sure know how to have a good time. Mikes parents are just so good at putting together a good time and the house was very Christmasy. I think the best part was us all sitting in the hallway while Mikes mom read "The Night Before Christmas." It was the tradition since they were kids and still holds strong now.
Christmas was at my parents and it just ended up being a smooth day. With three young children it can go either way so a really smooth day. We were able to skype my sister and her husband in CA while we all opened presents from each other. It really was just a good day.

My birthday was so great. It started out being the most productive start to being 26. I got all the laundry done and folded and  put away. There was so much of it. AND I organized the kitchen. Then my friend moved home from California, came over for the afternoon and then watched Matthew so Mike could take me out. It was our first date since our anniversary. It is funny how much less Birthday love you get when you don't have facebook. But it didnt bother me a bit and it was fun to see the friends that remembered to call despite a facebook reminder.

New Years Eve. HA! Well that ended up being interesting. Mike and I stayed home and lets just say it was an interesting evening. Lets just say that Jesus wanted to start out the New Year with a little freedom in my heart. And I am thankful for a husband that fought for me through it all. After that event, we only stayed up till 10:30 and missed my brother-in-law playing on New Years Rockin Eve (or day), but its all good. We are happy we went to bed early. We woke up refreshed and all went out to breakfast to start out the New Year. After a great message on courage over fear in our faith we headed home and watched the Lions get robbed of a touchdown, then I got almost a 2 hour nap (heaven) while Matthew and Mike went to hang out with Mike's parents. It really is a good start to the New year.

Our little man trying to figure out what meal he wanted to start out the New Year. 
What a little stud.

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