Friday, January 6, 2012

New Things

Some new things are going on around here, big and small. They are all pretty exciting.

1. We are getting our second car this weekend. It is on it's way from GA right now. YIPEE!
Life just got way more open.

2. It is going to be almost 50 degrees today. So I will be busting out the running stroller and some shorts today at cranky time.

3. I got a candle from Mikes aunt for Christmas and it is scented, eucalyptus spearmint. My life is changed. I cannot stop smelling it. It is the most relaxing scent and I am so happy it was discovered.

4. Mikes work schedule has changed. He no longer will be getting home at 6 pm. He will be home no later than 3:30pm. This means he gets three hours with Matthew and not 30 minutes. Woah! yay. This starts next week.

5. I finally got involved with something at church and the book study starts in a few weeks. I cannot wait.

6. Matthew is now kissing his stuffed animals. Seriously? melt my heart.

7. We have our first "no" in the house. And he is doing really well with it. I don't want our house to have a million "no's" because it is his home to live in too, but mom and dad still have the final say.

8. Matthew has officially figured out the light switch. He particularly loves the one in his room, which makes nap time sometimes a bit more frustrating since he can see it from his crib and scream at it because he wants to turn the light on and off soooo bad. eeek! Poor guy.

9. My craft stuff is finally organized. I will be posting before and after pictures. I am so proud, and ready to really gear up that sewing machine.

10. 2012 is really good!

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