Saturday, January 14, 2012


So Im really big into creativity, play, reading, and learning and I really like to set the mood for such. So obviously, I am really big into forts. As a little girl I remember always wanting to have a bed canopy and begging my mom to let me sleep in the crawl space of the attic with a flashlight so i could stay up all night and write stories with a feather pen like Jo March in "Little Woman." The corner of my living room is bare and I am determined to build the perfect, stable, fort for the open space. I know Matthew probably wont appreciate it right now, but God could only stop me from waiting TWO WHOLE YEARS to build one once he would appreciate it, well because, I want one NOW! Pinterest has been my inspiration and here are few ideas of ones that I will use to create the perfect one for our home.

These really cannot be that hard to do yourself. 
A little thrift shopping and we are good to go. 
And the last picture, well maybe not for the living room. 
But you better believe this will be an element to my kids rooms when they get older. 
Happy Saturday. 
It is noon and Matthew is still on his morning nap, 
but when he wakes up we will be off to play with is cousins for the rest of the day.

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