Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What Makes Me Better

A few things that have made me feel better already.

1. The fact that Mike gets home at 2:30pm from work. There was a point that I could hold nothing down and I felt so dehydrated because I couldn't even take the tiniest sip of water that I was feeling faint and could hardly hold Matthew without getting dizzy. Oh Thank you Jesus for the early day he works.

2. The flowers Mike bought me before our date yesterday. Oh and speaking of our date. We haven't had one since December just the two of us and we went and had so much fun. He planned it all. I love him.

3. popsicles. I couldn't keep anything down and I was too dehydrated feeling to even sleep. The second Mike got me a popsicle and I took a lick I felt 50% better already. It was insane.

4. Matthew seemed to catch on today. As he sat and stared it me very serious while I was having a moment in the bathroom he crawled over to me once I sat down with my head on my knees and pulled himself up, wrapped his arms around my shoulders and rested his head on me. He would just look up and stare at me very serious and then rest his head on another part of me. He has never come up to give me that many hugs in one day. It was amazing how compassionate he was being. Jesus is surely inside his child size heart.

5. and MICHAEL. I don't know how much anyone knows about him, but he is one of the most nurturing people I have ever met. He has been spending time with Matthew, straightening the sheets over me, commanding me to not do anything. Bringing me anything I need. Oh I am so thankful for him. I am having a moment of feeling better where I can concentrate on the computer and I had to just write about his amazing ways..

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