Saturday, March 3, 2012


Man. This last week has been busy. We just did a little party for my sister's 3rd baby that is due on Thursday (YAY!) and Mike's brother and his wife have been in town. It has been GREAT! We had some great times with Mikes family. But mostly after the shower today, Im exhausted. Sometimes I get really weird OCD for a few days and I go insane if my house is even a little messy. SO STRANGE because Im not normally like that. But since Matthew is now an 11 month old child tornado and food dropper, I was going to make my self crazy with how much I was picking up every second of the day. eeer. When I came home from the shower today (which turned out fabulous), Matthew went infant on me and was inconsolable for 45 minutes when I told him it was sleepy time which brought back waaaaaay too many exhausting memories. But he is finally asleep and I am enjoying some awesome quiet and a clean house! =)

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