Wednesday, March 28, 2012



You are ONE today! ONE! Ive been a bit off today with such a mix of emotions. Growing up you will learn that your mom has a good amount of emotions. I hope that is a good thing for you. Today, you grew up before my very eyes. You figured out how to army crawl through the tube at the playground to make it up the incline, you will actually have a phone conversation (its so adorable), and when you hear your dads voice on the phone you get a big smile and say "DAAADDDYYYYY". You stacked five blocks on top of each other to make your own tower all by yourself, you did the sign for "milk", and i am almost certain that you said "i love you." You copied me twice in a row, but then just smiled every time I said it after that. You also have been trying to use silverware. You will hold the fork, I help you poke, and you put the food in your mouth all by yourself.  -- But more than all the little skills you are acquiring, I just love YOU Matthew. You just bring more sunshine to this sometimes very sad world. God is in that precious smile, and in those sweet hugs and kisses you so freely give out. It is just so strange for me to watch you grow up so fast. I remember when you first used your fingers to put food in your mouth and we could hardly believe it. And now you insist on having the bowl on your tray with fork in hand. It's so hard for me not to go in your room right now while you are sleeping and just pick you up and hold you. I'd do it but you hate getting woken up. I just want to hold you and kiss you and tell you over and over again that you are so loved. Even on those whiny one year old days or when you toss food on the floor, you are my baby. And you love so well. YOU ARE ONE! It just seems so old to me. And even though I am so sad that the time is going so fast, I am so excited for you to experience more new things in life.
I love you Matthew,

Just a few pictures of your day. Your big birthday day will be Sunday since dad was gone most of the day.  We can't wait to give you cake!

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