Friday, March 30, 2012

So Much Fun

Yesterday was a BLAST. Seriously so much fun. I took Matthew to playgroup. And while he normally sits by my side the whole time, the bigger he gets the more he leaves me. He was crawling around, giggling, playing with stuff, dancing to the music, eating snacks. He had a blast. Then I had 4 other kids over and Matthew typically fusses the whole time when other children are over. But like I said, he is bigger now, and he was soooo happy they were here. He was poking his infant cousin, trying to hold hands with his friend Maddie, chasing his older cousin around while laughing, reading books to everyone, building towers. I mean, it was just a great time and all 5 kids just had fun and were so behaved. I loved it so much. After we put Matthew to bed Mike and I left to go out on a date. Oh. It was one of the best dates we have ever had. We really reconnected and it was just awesome.

Today I am meeting up with a friend to bring our kids swimming. I can't wait to see Matthew in his little swim trunks. Good Memories.

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