Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bring It

"Our culture is mass producing narcissists. If you are not fighting it, you are doing it. Our selfishness is making us sick. We have social illness. Pride is the graveyard of effective believers. Insecurity is the psych ward. Its when your own mind turns in on you. And it's because we are so full or ourselves." -Beth Moore-

"Unsaved people might have fewer qualms with openly demonstrating jealousy or selfish ambition, but seasoned Christians are notorious for disguising them. Sometimes we dress us jealousy and call it discernment, and sometimes we stick a mask on selfish ambition and label it calling. " -Beth Moore-

I respect a bible teacher who doesn't try to dance around the truth. But she is the sweetest and a 100% grace oriented woman. Loving her bible study on the book of James. Last night I left speechless. God spoke through her so powerfully with so much truth that could not be denied that I just could hardly think of words. I just want to change.

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  1. Denise, I love you. I want to hug you and little one-year-old Matthew right now! Thank you for posting these fabulous pictures and updates.
    Missing you.