Monday, March 5, 2012

New Things!

I have a ton on my mind about Matthew's new stage. But two new things. He is clapping now and he has officially cut a nap. We tried for a week to see if it was juts a fluke that he wasn't going to take both naps, but after this morning I decided he really was not tired enough.  So we are moving on, and with the nice weather approaching this is a blessing. Two naps a day with the winter was nice since we were inside more, but this is so much more out of the house freedom now. And his mood is hardly phased with one nap so it really must be the case. plus we never want to force matthew into a schedule. his body just naturally does it on its own and it works wonderfully for him and is very predictable for us for most day. he is so happy when we listen to his body. and well, one nap a day it is!

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