Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Outside and the Longest Story Ever

Matthew and I may just be spending most of our days outside now that the weather is beyond perfect. Yesterday we spent the afternoon in the park when Mike got home and today we went to the park twice, sat outside on a blanket for some apples and reading, mike took matthew rollerblading with the running stroller while I ran. Matthew spent much time walking down the sidewalk holding onto the stroller. Man, that kid can walk FAR for not being able to walk on his own yet. He is one determined little man. To walk over half a block, pushing a stroller. He would stop and act tired, but the second we tried to pick him up, he'd stomp his feet, grunt, and keep walking. Sounds like his mama. DETERMINED. Or so my mom would say. Also, he could sit in the kid swing for HOURS. So the next really nice day, I'm bringing a lawn chair and a book and will push that swing till he wants to get out. Which seems like NEVER. Even after a good 45 minutes he still fusses the second we take him out. More than fuss really. Kinda throws a fit. When we were at the park yesterday, we were away from the swings and on a path practicing some walking. He eyed the swings in the far distance, got down to his crawling position, and bolted. Over the path, down the grass hill, through the running children, through the wood chips, to the swings. I couldn't believe it.

Now, my favorite. Today Matthew was bouncing in his exersaucer and out of nowhere the boy decides to tell Mike and I the longest story of his life so far. I mean, it was one of the most intense stories ever. Animated, loud, hands flailing. There was every emotion mixed in with his babble. Moments of stress, anger, relief, laughter, a few cries and a few giggles. He would stop and we would ask questions and he would go off again. His face would turn red, he even took a few water breaks. No joke. At one point he was so upset during his story that I went to go and pick him up, but he grunted and turned away from me, continuing his story till there seemed to be resolve. I mean, 20 minutes of non-stop chatter. It was hilarious. I was laughing so hard I had to turn away because he was being so serious. His hand motions, everything. What fun this is; however, it is 10:30 at night and he wont stop screaming even if we hold him. We think his muscles are very sore from walking sooo much or maybe the sun got to him too much? I don't know. If only he would keep his hat on. I sure hope we can figure him out soon poor guy.

Well goodnight. Tomorrow it calls for storms so we may read all day. Sweet Dreams!

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