Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lots More Pictures

 Im pretty sure that right here Matthew had a low grade fever so we put him in the comfy chair with a book and Pooh. He couldn't nap comfortably so it was the only way we could get him to sit still and rest. And he was just fine by the next day. Whew!

 Just Playing

 I just love giving him apples. 
It is the cutest snack to watch him eat.
And he eats the whole thing.

 One of Matthew's favorite toys is his little basketball hoop.

 My favorite moments are when he reads his book with great enthusiasm. 

 Still going strong with the cloth diapering.

And these pictures are proof that he somehow he knows that that my phone is taking his picture. 
He holds the food up to it to show me.
He smiles extra big.
And as the last picture shows, he makes funny faces.
Wow, I just love this kid.

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