Saturday, March 10, 2012


Today was one of those days I did not have enough patience to match Matthew's day. I think i spoke too soon because this one nap a day thing is going terrible. I'm told the transition is hard, but what if I'm wrong that he is even cutting it? Either way, such is parenting, but because of this, Matthew is a disaster. Not his fault, I know i am sad when I am too tired. But I didn't know an 11 month old could throw tantrums  and demand to be held 95% of the day. If I would set him down, he would scream and still scream if I picked him back up for about 10 minutes just to let me know that was not ok. So I brought him outside after his one 45 minute nap and he screamed in the stroller, but was only happy if he stayed in the swing at the playground. But then he threw a fit when I took him out of the swing. THIS is why Im so strict with nap and bedtime. Anyways, on my way home, Mikes parents saw me pushing the stroller and holding Matthew. When we walked by their house, his mom was out there waiting for me and said she could tell that I looked stressed. Yuh think? I wear my heart on my sleeve as it is, but today was bad. I could have broke down in tears right then and there. So the two of them were my heroes today as they brought the two of us in their calm, clean house and gave me some coffee while Matthew relaxed with his Grandma and Papa and listened to Jimmy Buffet. Ha. Without that 2 or so hours of relaxation this afternoon I think I would have exploded. I can deal with cranky, but today was beyond cranky. My normally happy boy that hardly ever cries threw me for a loop today.  

Anyways, thanks Mom and Dad Murphy! 
You have no idea how much you turned my day around!

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  1. Anytime. And thanks for making Matthew available to us pretty much whenever we want!