Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More Kids

Today was the most beautiful day. 60 degrees, skirt, flip flops. Just the perfect day to haul 3 kids around in my sister's mini van this morning to our playgroups and lunch while she is at home waiting for her husband and timing her contractions. Thats right. Baby number THREE is on the way for my sister. That means that a baby that kinda belongs to me (im the aunt) will be here soon and I don't have to push the sweet thing out. =) =) No, we are just sooo excited and I cannot wait to meet my new niece or nephew. I love the crazy days when I get to watch all three kids or my sister and I are hanging out. It is really my favorite days, having all the kids around. They are just all amazing human beings. Whiny sometimes, but still amazing. And here comes another.

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