Thursday, March 22, 2012


So I am getting used to normal life noises around here. Working on it. I mostly lived in low traffic, quiet areas. Small, very quiet subdivisions, dead end streets, sleeping in basements, or mostly, living in the country. Now we have the very loud train down the street that runs ALL NIGHT LONG, or the constant loud cars and motorcycles going by the street behind us at midnight, and our houses are so close each other. And our neighbors, with every right, start their back porch project exactly at Matthews nap time every day. Sawing, hammering, whatever else. The noises never seem to bother or wake up Matthew or my husband, but I am sure not used to it. Yeah, we were in noisy places on the race, but I stuffed it in the back of my mind as temporary. I totally am thankful for where we live, it just might take getting used to for me. I wake up to everything, and I tense up a bit when the neighbors are hammering like crazy right near Matthew's window, just asking for him to wake him up from his one nap. It doesn't happen, but i would wake up, so why wouldn't I think so? I never thought of myself as a light sleeper. I grew up in a pretty loud and very active house, but I seem to be extra sensitive lately. Such is life. As my dad would say, "builds character."

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