Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kingdom Dreamer : Katie Meyler

I want to introduce a Kingdom Dreamer to you. She is a friend of mine. Her name is Katie. I met her years back and I don't have much contact with her now because she is all over, mostly in Africa. But she is the wildest person I have met in my entire life. Seriously, the wildest. I cannot even begin to explain what I mean by that, but if you want to meet someone who does not care a hint what people think about her, meet Katie. She will take her old life of her dad burning her skin with boiling water, her mom telling her she didn't want her, waking up next to her dead uncle and instead she will grow up to dance her heart out with the homeless person, take a transvestite into her home and clean his feet while he is sleeping. Live with a prostitute and shout prayers over her through the bathroom while the girl is in there doing drugs and crying. She will go around the country and speak to schools with a former child solider about their stories and making a change in the world. She will go to an open mic coffee shop and put name tags on everyone there and sing songs of joy, or say a spoken poem that sometimes uses intense language to get her point across. She will proclaim the Love of Jesus in high school while people throw mash potatoes in her face. She will live homeless and sleep on peoples couches to raise money to start an organization called

The last time I saw her, she and a former forced child solider from the Congo were sleeping at my parents house in Michigan to speak at a school there. We went to a coffee shop and people started to surround us as the boy told his story of his life in the Congo. Since then, she has started her own organization, and I don't have a written guest blog from her but if you watch this intense video of one of her spoken poems you may just get a glimpse into the heart and mind of kingdom dreamer, Katie Meyler.

(Just to make that video even better- She found her)

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