Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Few Things I Love

Some pictures of things that I really like or are inspiring to me; minus tons of fun kid things that I could post. That might be its own category.
 This apron is everything i could dream of in an apron

 The prefect pair of socks

 My dream vehicle

 I'm in love with this tattoo. 
So Simple and it means so much.

 Africa mamas are so strong, graceful, and beautiful.

 White and yellow kitchens. Open, bright.
Yes please! 
Give me sunshine in my kitchen when it is raining.

 This bed, and the bedding itself. 
I would write a book in this bed.

 I'm on search for the perfect, white, beautiful nightgown.

 I love this sign.

 If I were ever to get a full body tattoo. 
This piece of art is extraordinary.

 I love the aged.
The perfect window.

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