Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Album and Racers and Lots More

Wow! It has been crazy. Mike's back has been out a few weeks now and has been on strict restrictions and I am realizing how much he does to help around here, now having to take all the load. I am taking a few to sit and enjoy listening to the new and first {la}godmusic album called "shake the earth". You can by the album here for $9.90. My brother-in-law, Jon, and my sister Emily are part of a ministry that bring God to the entertainment industry. While still taking part in secular entertainment, Jon has been able to put together a Christian Music album with a few other band members. It just came out yesterday and is already ranked #21 for Christian Music albums on itunes, so check it out. The music and talent is incredible. It is a unique sound to Christian Music.

Well anyways, we were able to take a trip to Ohio to have a mini World Race reunion. My heart was so happy. It was like going back home for me. I will always feel so comfortable around those people. I am pretty sure there is nothing like having people surround me and pray over me and encourage me. Being able to tell a huge group of people my deepest darkest feelings and not feeling judged but only loved and freed cannot get much better.

It was so awesome to see my friends taking care of four foster children. They did such a wonderful job with them.

Matthew was also very interesting. Mike and I both were a bit confused with the way  he was acting, so unlike him. Matthew is super into mom, but not as much as he was there. He was not his usual flirty, smiley, put me in a crowd for entertainment, type mood. He was actually super whiny, clingy, throwing himself, and mini fits. Basically he was more work than usual. I think that being in a house with lots of people was tough for him. He likes going out in public and big crowds but the constant attention he didn't seem to want. I am realizing it is getting harder and harder to travel as he recognizes home more; because when we got back home he was happy little Matthew again, playing by himself most of the time, not needing to be held so much. OOH well, kids will be kids I guess. At first I was self conscious and wanted Matthew to act his normal self, but I guess I don't need to put that pressure on my kid just to make me look like a good mom. but that is a topic for another day.

We also have a new roommate as of the weekend. It is great having good use to our basement and a friend to have around. We still have a ton of space to ourselves as a family, and will keep good healthy boundaries, but I just love things like this; roommates.

Today we brought Mike to physical therapy around matthew's nap time, so since he fell asleep on the way there, i dropped mike off and just drove around the old town we lived in the first year of marriage and drove by the little 300 sq/ft basement apartment we were in. it was fun to see again. even tho it was a great time in life, i looked back at sleeping matthew and wouldn't want that back. I am very content with my family of three.

I also had the best time ever at the grocery store today. everyone was super happy and i think i got to interact with 5 different people while shopping. that is a ton of people i think for a grocery store. it was fun. also, matthew woke up for some reason a few hours after he went to bed. he cried till i came in, then he smiled at me, i picked him up and he just hugged me and started kissing me. then he put his head on my shoulder and started to stroke my face with his hand. we hugged for a few minutes, i put him back down and he went back to sleep. im sorry, i just don't think there are many things much better than that. and i will leave it at that. have a good night everyone!

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