Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Neutropenia To The Health Rescue

first of all. our house smells like burnt pot because I forgot to add more water while I was steaming Matthews green beans for dinner. eh.

oh. and matthew dances to music now. 

anyways, matthew currently has something called neutropenia. He has low neutrophils. low as in you want your value of them to be at least 1.5 and he has .1 (that is point one). neutrophils are white blood cells that help to fight infection and sickness. needless to say, he isn't going many places till this is all figured out. it can be normal for having a virus but they are still keeping a close watch on him to make sure they go back up.

well, this neutropenia thing has caused me to do a ton of research, ultimately leading to the health of not only Matthew, but what I am eating because what I eat goes to him through his main food source, my milk. and honestly i eat cheap pasta and sauce with some veggies and an egg on white bagel every morning. and that is about it. NOTHING good for matthew excpet the few veggies and the egg. So as i evaluate and completely redid my entire grocery shopping least to make sure that matthew is naturally getting the nutrients and vitamins that he needs, mike will end up on the healthier side of things as well, and he is very compliant and ready to go with it as long as we can still order pizza sometimes.

a few things i consider with each thing I buy.

1: is this just filling my stomach or is it making me healthier with each bite I eat. Maybe I am doing great research on what I am buying.

2. Cost. yes. this will be more expensive. but i figure the foods we buy will satisfy us longer, keep us from our bodies craving more of something we dont really know we are craving so we just eat more pasta. maybe this will be more expensive but hopefully it will lower our medical bills in the long run. maybe. i mean. i am sure there are people who do everything "right" but still die...wait? we all die, so we better feel as good as we can while we are here. so in this cost thing, i am doing my work and calling places and getting the best prices on the potentially expensive stuff.

3. recipes. gotta come up with some meals to make out of this food so we want to eat it.

we are excited. yay!

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