Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Matthew At The Hosptial

The past two days have been tough, to say the least. 
But Matthew is home and recovering, still very emotional about everything, but he is good enough to not stay another night at the hospital. 
Just some follow up blood work. 
Well, lets just say I feel years older just after the last few days. 
All of a sudden making medical decisions for my baby.
It is a really intense responsibility and kinda is taking a bit to process. 
There is nothing like a sick baby in a hospital that pulls at your heart strings.
I am so proud of him it is crazy.
He went through some very uncomfortable procedures.

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  1. I'm so sorry to read that he was in the hospital. It is so scary when they are so little and sick. I just prayed for him and will continue to do so. (By the way, he is ADORABLE!)