Tuesday, November 29, 2011


today, my heart is stirring, clenching in my chest, breaking.

sometimes, it is just easier to ignore this.
so that we can satisfy our desires,
and so we dont have to feel bad about complaing that we waited 30 minutes for our food at the restaurant, or that our "stuff" doesnt work good enough for us, or that the slow old driver made us late for a tv show.

and we know that if we dont ignore it,
we have to do something about it. 
and that just might be uncomfortable, that just mean a little less "me" time. less complaining.

oh. and did i mention. these people, are human beings, HUMANS.
no more excuses why they dont deserve our help. 
i dont care if they arent in my country or if its their "fault" they are poor.
its selfish excuses to satisfy ourselves.

we are humans, together, all around the world.
trying to survive. 
some of us are surviving, 
and maybe that means we own the responsibility to help our fellow humans who aren't surviving.

Oh God! Where is my role in all of this?
Where is your role?

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