Sunday, November 13, 2011

Martha or Mary

This blog could potentially be really long, but I am very tired so I will keep it short. Maybe

I am crazy lady. Maybe all moms become this way. Like super efficient in an obsessive way.

Well, this mom thing can easily become more about being a nice hobby or challenge if you let it. Or for those people who have to do everything perfect. (me) So where is the line, of being responsible and maintaining a home, cooking healthy, cloth diapers, saving money, cleaning non stop, learning sign language for your kid (so fun), trying to be the best mom I can be and being too obsessive? Those are good right? Scripture says to do what you do as though you do it for the Lord. I believe as Christians we should do what God has given us to do at our finest. Not in a performance type way but to respect our gifts and our place on earth. Anyways. This can cross the line, for me, to be about becoming, becoming awesome and DOING all the right things where it can become more about ME than about Jesus, my husband, or my baby.

All that to say. The Martha in me has taken the back burner and the Mary in me is a little bit wild. So here is what I needed to hear today.

ME: I mean. I think it is ok that I take care of the house like I do.
MICHAEL: I agree. You do it so well.
ME: I mean, if Jesus were here I would want this place to be so taken care of and perfect.
MICHAEL: Umm. If Jesus were here would you be cleaning or sitting at his feet?
ME: (cry) Oooooooh!!!!

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