Friday, November 25, 2011

10 minutes late

I put Matthew to bed at the exact same time every night. He goes down super peacefully without a fuss. Tonight, I was 10 minutes late to putting him down and he fought bed for an hour. I don't understand kids. Maybe it isn't because of putting him down later and was just an off night for him, but I really wish babies could talk and tell me what's up. According to Mike, he is saying, "Mama, I just cannot get to sleep tonight, Mama help me fall asleep, I just can't fall asleep."

But, it's all good, Michael is making tacos while I sip on some wine. The man cannot stop moving today now that his back is healed. He let me sleep in and take two naps, he took Matthew out to run some errands, he cleaned the bathroom and mopped floors, he has made me food and is working on getting all the laundry done. Oh, so nice. How did I do it without him? 

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