Friday, November 18, 2011

Im so Excited!

This weekend is about to explode with Joy! I am too excited to concentrate on packing. And Matthew has even been taking his naps today to give me time and I am just crazy happy right now! THIS is what is about to happen.  I have not seen most of my World Race people in over a year!!!! Maybe no one else cares about the invite letter below, but I need to have it in my blog records. This is just too good.

K and F Squad Friends,

We are hosting our 2nd annual Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Dinner on November 19th. Last year a few of us gathered together the weekend before Thanksgiving, celebrated and ate a lot of great food.

We want to do this again this year. We have decided to make this an annual event giving our WR family a chance to reconnect. We understand that not everyone can make it but decided if we kept this as a standing invite each year, people could begin planning for it.

Now... The details...

We currently have 4 foster kids with us in the house, so all of our bedrooms are taken at the moment. However, we have room to house people in a loft-style space in the pole barn on our property. This is of course given the assumption that you don't mind sleeping on couches and dusting off the old WR sleeping pad for a couple of nights. The space has it's own bathroom and you don't have to bring your own toilet paper. However, bringing your own towel is recommended if you plan to bathe. As we move forward and people start getting hitched and producing offspring we can recommend some hotels ;)

You can show up to our house any time Friday and can stay through the weekend. Let us know your travel plans and when you plan on heading home so we can best accommodate both you and our family.

The official dinner will take place sometime Saturday afternoon. Aside from gluttony, this will also be a great chance to catch up, hang out, and if need be Stacy, Caitlin & myself can debrief you... If you're life is really a wreck we will hand you off to the Murphy's and Tamica.

We will be providing the turkey, cheese cake, pumpkin bread, cider, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Katie is taking care of the sweet potatoes, mac-n-cheese, corn muffins, and pumpkin pie. We ask that everyone else bring one of the following items (plan on serving 16-20 people) and please post a comment letting everybody what you're bringing so we don't have duplicates and know everything's covered. If you're traveling a ways, there are plenty of grocery stores around here where you can pick stuff up if you don't want to lug it with you. We will have limited stove top availability if you need to heat something up, but the oven will be occupied by the bird. Here's what we need:

Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans
Cranberry Sauce
Rolls and Butter
Plates and Napkins
Cups and Plastic Cutlery

Use this page as well as calling or texting or emailing or tweeting to confirm you are coming and for directions.

Looking forward to a great time!

Brian & Stacy

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