Saturday, November 12, 2011

Back Pain and This Weekend

My husband decided to go and hurt his back at work and it seems to only be getting worse. Basically he only can stand right now and that isn't feeling to good on the legs to just stand all the time. Why did he have to go and do that? Poor guy is getting tons of ice cream and isn't allowed to lift more than 5 lbs per doctor. Which means he cannot pick up Matthew =( or do his job. I know he will be better soon.

Matthew truly loves to dance and is working on the beginning of crawling. He has a way to go but he gets on all fours and throws himself forward, often landing on his face and chest and then not being to happy about it. He also loves to pinch me when he is nursing. Hard.

Well this weekend has been a catching up weekend. Finally went real grocery shopping after a few weeks and got the laundry caught up and now just making some of Matthew's food for the week while setting up my pinterest weekly meal plans, and starting a new book. I even got to enjoy the beautiful weather today, with some rollerblading with Matthew in the running stroller. MUST have for any active parents.  A running stroller.

Have a good rest of the weekend. It has been good, but NEXT weekend is about to rock our year!!!!!  ;) Let's just say, WORLD RACE mini reunion. Enough to make my emotions run just thinking about hugging those people sooooooooo tight. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I love them. I cannot even contain it.

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  1. You use Pinterest to plan your weekly meals? How do you do that?