Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just Some Goodies

Other than hospitals and doctors, and some family time, I have hardly been out of the house. Mikes back is no good right now.
But I had a great heart to heart out tonight over some delicious hot drinks with a friend. And now I am currently at home slowing down with some tea and the amazing pumpkin cheesecake she gave us. I have been non stop and sometimes I know that I have been non-stop when I start to get a cold. And it never fails, my cold has started. I get warn out super fast.
(let's pray for baby naps that are longer than 15-30 minutes tomorrow)
But I am enjoying the cold remedies of sweets and hot drinks right now.

and some other goodies. matthew is just growing up fast. 
he is starting to have the pincher skill down where he finds little things on the floor to put in his mouth. 
And as you see, he is on all fours much more. Crawling is next.

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