Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dear Matthew

Dear Matthew,

You are not stubborn! You have recently, and currently are, going through a lot right now. All in a few weeks you were sick in the hospital, went through a time change, and was away from home for almost a week. Now you are trying to practice crawling and your body must feel strange. Your body has been through a ton, and it has taken it's toll on you. 10 minutes total of naps today. Rough. But somehow your spirit stays strong through it all. Matthew, you amaze me. Baby, I am clueless on how to help you through whatever is going on but we will get through it together.

I love you so much. I love how you belly laugh when I put on mascara. And I love watching you try to pick up things off the floor with your tiny fingers. I love how you rub my arm and kiss me and wrap your arms around my neck and hug me. I love you so much. It is a dream that I have you. Baby boy!! I will love you forever!!


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  1. oooh denise, you are awesome. i love you.