Thursday, January 24, 2013



* It has not been two weeks yet since I had Benjamin and it is good thing my mom is here so I don't over-do it because today I felt like doing sprints around a track. Yah, without her I'm sure I would be a wreck by now and really sore.

* Matthew learned how to say "sorry" which is precious and we figured out what is so cute about the way he runs. He doesn't really bend his knees. It is hilarious and really fast.

* Mike is the best dad ever and loves his boys.

* Moms rock. Meaning mine and Mikes.

* Benjamin is freaking handsome. My gosh what a stud, and he is soooooo sweet. I am so happy he is my kid.

*Matthew LOVES his brother and it makes my heart melt.


At moms group my friend walks in the house and sees Benjamin for the first time from across the room. "Oh My Gosh I think my milk just came in."   HAHAHA. That is a mom of three kids for yuh. I love moms group.

And my mom and I took Benjamin to my sisters for a girls movie night. ("Julie and Julia" is so cute by the way)

ME: I love girl nights.
NICOLE: Well, girl nights have changed a bit haven't they?
ME: Oh yah! Girls and two baby boys.
NICOLE: Well, but if you don't need the boob, you're not invited.

I love that I am doing this mom thing with my sisters.

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