Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Forgot

Oh! That newborn fatigue. It has arrived I forgot about this kind of tired. The kind where I go to try and sleep now but I am so tired that there is buzzing in my head that keeps me awake instead. I sometimes wonder if it hits me more than other people. This coming from the girl that slept 12 hours through the night since I was 3 days old and had to be woken up to be fed. And who just 6 days ago only had a toddler that throws a fit until I put him in his crib for "ni nite" and then sleeps 12-13 hours through the night.

But I am really praying that this time around my little kiddos keep me so busy during the day that I won't have as much time to think about it. It's just my husband that gets to see the crash and tearful lady at the end of the day. And even though I have developed a nice head cold from the lack of sleep, for some reason I believe that I am the happiest exhausted person there could be right now.

This has also been the week Mike has been home from work and we have not spent one morning at home. Little little Mr. Murphy has had doctors appointments and heel pokes for his jaundice and we have two more tomorrow. Let me tell you, we are becoming pros at getting out the door with two little ones. Those two sure have been troopers that is for sure, since I can't drive everyone has to come along. I think I can maybe take one more heel poke for little Benjamin and then I don't know if I can stand seeing another scar on his sweet little feet. Speaking of feet. I have four little feet to kiss now. OH YAH!

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