Tuesday, January 8, 2013


*Due date is passing. still no contractions. As my dad would say, I'm heading into overtime.

* I have had an hour since Matthew went to bed to pack a bag. It was my one job tonight. I have managed to eat two bowls of ice cream and write this blog in that hour.

* We have two names picked out. Just waiting to see what he looks like to choose.

* My friend who used to live here still has a Victoria Secret magazine that comes here. Mike always folds it up and hands it to me to throw away since neither of us really need to look at that stuff. (hes so awesome) But today the swimsuit addition showed up so I had to see what cute (expensive) stuff is out there. And somehow I almost let that stupid magazine win. For about an hour i refused to eat a peanut butter cup because I wanted to look like them (hahaha. 40 weeks pregnant). I totally almost missed out on candy. Then I realized how they were tricking me and I ate two of them. SO much better.

* Matthew is a happy kid again now that his ears are being treated. YAY. Just in time for baby brother.

* Matthew and I are official mall walkers. Yup. we go before the stores open up. We actually have a blast.

* My husband is THE best. Seriously.

* And Jesus is taking my labor fears away.

* Speaking of contractions, I just had a pretty good practice one which reminds me I need to pack a bag.


  1. •When it comes to peanut butter cups the least I'll eat it 2 of the normal size ones or 5 of the bite size ones :p
    •As far as the hospital bag goes I have most of the stuff set aside but I still have to go to the store and pick up a few things then actually put it in the bag :)

  2. Why was I not invited to eat ice cream?!