Tuesday, January 29, 2013


my how things have changed with two kids. with matthew, i could be so focused on what i wanted to "work" on.  if he woke up to earlier i tried to pay attention to why and how we could stay in his dark room for a while to let him know it is still time to sleep. or id look at the clock for when it was time to nap and eat and whatever. but boy with a newborn. this morning ben woke up matthew crying. so when matthew woke up i didnt even look at the time and just tried to figure out how to get him fed and cuddled a bit while ben was screaming. and since up until 2pm little ben wanted to be held and snuggled little matthew had almost zero mom time. ohmygosh im serious my ACL hurts. the ligament i had knee surgery on in 8th grade. WHAT? hahaha. i seriously spent my day bouncing and lifting and squating and trying to read books while nursing and build towers while nursing and take matthew out of the high chair while holding a crying baby. wow. so when matthews nap time came around and both kids were screaming for me since matthew wanted me to hold him and ben did to i basically put matthew in his crib and nursed ben and we all cried. and when ben finally laid down for a nap, my priority was far from matthew needing a nap. i quickly took him right out of that crib to hold him and tell him how much i love him and how proud i am of him for being so patient and kind to us today. he was my little rock star and i missed him like crazy and so we played and played when i could have let him try a little longer to nap but i just couldn't pass up the time that i could have alone with him. priorities sure have changed, and when i used to keep track of when and how long i nursed matthew, i cannot even find time to sit unless im nursing so i have no idea what little ben does during the day. =) oh long rant and all that to say, i feel like someone stuck in the "Insanity" workout DVD and had me do it all day long. hahaha. these kids will keep me young! =) =)

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