Friday, January 18, 2013


Im not quite sure how Benjamin already put himself on his own little schedule. I mean, he is 6 days old but incredibly predictable. And how in the world did he know that this mama is all about early bedtimes? Because he already picked up on that memo since the day we got home. I wasn't prepared for his, but so thankful he has his nights together and goes to bed and wakes up the same time as his brother with a few feedings in the middle of the night. My husband and I seem to thrive in our parenting when we know what our kids might need next, so little Ben is helping us out. And he is the perfect nurser. I'm not even a hint of sore and he its nice big meals every few hours and I know when he will be hungry. SO NICE!  It's just our toddler who is keeping us on our toes with every new and extremely unpredictable emotion. ;) Gotta love that little Matthew. The little person inside of him is starting to come out in a lot bigger ways. Gosh my kids are great!

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