Monday, December 3, 2012

Trading Trades

My sister and I have been realizing that we enjoy different things and are good at different things, and well, we are using it to both of our advantages. So while I am crafting a bunch of her Christmas decorations, she has painted a dresser for us. I HATE painting furniture, and she does not prefer to craft really, or never has really loved it. When I had a craft night at my house with her she ended up drinking wine while I sewed everything. And well, I painted one dresser a year ago and never want to do that again. It's great. Well, we are taking a big step. It may not work. But I LOVE organizing and I LOVE cleaning over cooking. I'm not terrible at cooking, it is just not my passion. I like clean, and cooking makes a mess. And cooking and grocery shopping stress me out to the max. My sister on the other hand is overwhelmed with keeping her house up with 3 little little kids and has a huge passion for cooking. She is great at it. Well, we are going to attempt to trade trades. I give her money for dinners, and she preps and cooks my dinners, while Mike and I spend a morning with Matthew at her house when her and her kids are gone and get things off her cleaning and organizing to do list, and Ill probably take her clean laundry to fold at my house once a week or so. I'm telling you, Mike and I are so excited. We both love to clean and organize, and we both get so frustrated with cooking, and it is totally opposite with my sister and her husband. We all can't wait. This may not work, but we are going to try it. No one can resist my sisters cooking, it's healthy and she knows good deals, and I get super excited when I get to organize. SO! Trading Trades. Ill keep my blog updated on how it actually goes.

Also, I'm 35 weeks. Just about the time my baby feels like he has built an addition to his little home inside of me. And he built the extra room in my lungs. There is a baby in there for sure.

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