Friday, December 28, 2012


The one thing I am hoping to remember with this baby is flexibility. After a year of trying to figure Matthew out, I learned how fast they change things up all the time. And I am learning that you can't always stick with what you say you will do with a child, because sometimes you just have to go with the flow of that child. I was all set to potty train Matthew this month and I was all talk about it. This month has ended up being an extremely emotional month for Matthew. I no for a fact that adding potty training on top of all that will only frustrate myself and him and it is not worth it. He is going through a little phase and I can't even leave the room to go to the bathroom without tears, and he seems to be having separation anxiety a bit with Mike. ( he sure loves his dad) Anyways, my huge pregnant belly is more than happy not to rush him to the potty anyways and so I believe my beginning nursing days with this next guy might be more relaxed too. Anyways, instead of potty training, this is what we focus on lately. Cars. I am telling you. it was like a switch went on in his little brain how fun cars are and it is what we do for hours. It is cute. And there is lots of crashing involved.

And can we all just notice how amazing those thighs are? And how he lines up his cars before he pushes them across his little city there. 

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