Saturday, December 22, 2012


 I have honestly been so majorly focused on baby coming that Christmas has just crept up on me and I don't feel quite ready or festive enough. But the beautiful thing is that Christmas isn't about anything other than celebrating the fact the God would come into this world so humbly, as a baby in a manger.  The most simple way you could probably make your entrance. So I guess going off of that, it will be a simple Christmas for us and that is ok. Remembering to focus on what is really important.

Matthew came up to me today and said....

" God.........Jesus"

I then asked him to tell me about Jesus.....he looked at me and said.. "Cheeeeese"

One day he will add "Holy Spirit" to the trinity....but for now... God, Jesus, and cheese are related somehow.

Merry Almost Christmas. 

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