Thursday, December 27, 2012


these silly practice contractions have been keeping me up for over an hour so far in the middle of the night. NO. not the really thing which im thankful for cuz you should see all the laundry i have to wash and i dont have my bag packed. and i need some of that laundry that is not washed for my bag. and my sister REALLY needs me to watch one of her kiddos the next few days for a wedding AND my mom is sick. but you better believe i didnt wake my husband to tell him i cant sleep cuz of them. that man would be up and about, shoveling snow, packing a bag, calling off work, doing laundry, etc. i cant quite convince him that these could last for a few weeks. he gets really ahead of himself when it comes to this kind of thing.  or on the other hand, laundry does need to get done!!! hmmmmm......


  1. My practice ones are becoming more and more frequent but I'm able to ignore them much easier now as I'm finding them less painful then I was before. Hopefully this means I've gotten used to that pain level and not that they're just less painful