Saturday, December 8, 2012

This Week

A few favorites this week. Ummm, our mom's group kids pancake christmas pajama party. YES PLEASE. So cute and fun. we all brought our kids over to my friends in their PJ's and had pancakes, donuts, juice, fruit, and on and on. then we did a little gift exchange. it was darling to see all the kiddos in their pjs sitting around a table and eating great food and loving it.
i went to the soccer game today with my dad. very special day. wambach and morgan. great to see them live. you know its good soccer when you have no advice to throw out to them during the game and you notice even the tiniest mistake because not many mistakes happen.

FOUR WEEKS! 4 weeks and I am a mom of two. I cannot wait to meet him. I'm honestly going through a lot right now, remembering labor and the lack of sleep and trying to get past my fears of it all. But I believe that this time around will be different and I will be much more relaxed, I hope. I cannot wait till our first week together as a family when Mike will be off work. But my great husband has been so awesome. I'm really running low on energy, not keeping my dinner down at night, and really doing NOTHING around the house in the evening. I don't remember my wrists hurting at the end of a pregnant day. But Michael just keeps telling me not to worry about it and to just get on the couch and rest, even when he knows I have the time to get stuff done, he doesn't care that I rest instead. So sweet of him. I really don't take it for granted. I have a really hard time near the end of pregnancy since I really like to be active. And it feels especially hard since I can tell Matthew is frustrated sometimes with my lack of energy to tackle, and run around with him like I used to have. I am so thankful for this time I get to have the little boy in my womb, but it will be good to be able to have my mobility back for Matthew again. I miss playing hard with him.

All that to say, this time in life is crazy to me and I cannot believe it is all happening. It honestly feels like just yesterday I thought Matthew was never going to come out of me during labor, and now I am doing it another time around but with a different boy. WOW! WHAT? Two of them! wow.

Just so thankful!

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