Monday, August 27, 2012


I think everyone in my family is trying to find strength just about now.  My brother-in-law has an infection creeping up his leg with nothing stopping it. And while my sister is trying to stick with him as much as possible at the hospital because he is off and on alert because of meds, their three very little children are just wanting their parents so terribly. She runs back and forth to see them and nurse her baby, exhausted. And while Mike and I can't be there every second or do over nights because we work and have a kid, my AMAZING family is taking over. My parents came up for a few days, and my little sister is flying home from LA to stay with the kids so they can have someone consistent with them. I love them. So great knowing my family would do anything, like spending all that money to come all that way to watch her niece and nephews that she would do anything for. But we are all a bit just trying to keep it together I think. In the midst of it all we find strength to claim Victory over Eric's leg. Cuz it just has to get better.

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