Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NY and a Boy or Girl?

Well. It has been a full few weeks. Exciting. I just visited a friend in NY. Much needed. Kinda cool to be back where I grew up.

Also we find out tomorrow if we are having a boy or girl. and NO, I do not care one bit what we are having. I just want the baby that is inside of me. They can be whatever they are made to be and I will be SO HAPPY either way. boy or girl. I'm all for either one. I cannot wait!

And mike felt the baby kick for the first time yesterday. We both felt it at the same time. It was so amazing.

I know I kinda lack on my blogging. It has just been a very full summer of friends and family and a desire for blogging is lacking, which has been pretty nice. I should catch myself up on everything soon with this, since it is nice to document life and read back on things.

Well, I better get sleep for our big day tomorrow. My belly picture will come soon too. oh have i popped.

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