Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Organizing Tips

Being new to this whole family thing and only 4 years new to living on our own. I have two organizing tips that have stayed true true true.

How to keep your house organized: Don't buy lots of stuff. Get rid of stuff. In place of stuff. Spend time together and talk.

How to keep finances and bills organized: Only buy things you have the cash for. I'm telling you, way short list of monthly bills to juggle and then you know the stuff you have is actually yours- who wants false wealth anyways? Plus, we can ALL wait to save for the newest toy. We really can do it.  there are circumstances that can make it hard to not take out a loan, but trust me, we are hoping that saving up for new furniture or a new car will save us lots of complaining in the end, and make our stack of bills less scattered around the house. Plus it helps us keep our house organized, because we buy less stuff. hehe. =)

Still learning big time, but we are sticking to this stuff, and thankful we are learning it so young. Hope our thriftiness pays off in the end. Plus, we love our free floral couch form Mikes aunt. Its amazing. And we are not being sarcastic. =)

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