Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Secret Longing

There is a secret longing going on in some ladies hearts now a days. I see it on blogs and when I talk to my friends. We become moms, stay at home, and try to learn how to cook. Then we start to own our new life and love it. And we kinda want to have gardens, and bake our own bread, line dry clothes, and have the home that all the neighbor kids run to because it is safe and loving and smells good- so we want to cook lots of pasta for them and have sleepovers with monkey bread for breakfast.

So all that added up, we (or I will only speak for myself) just kinda want to have dresses like these.
I know it all sounds so outdated, but I am just speaking truth!


  1. ohhh denise you are the cutest. i just love you and wish we could hang out.