Monday, February 20, 2012

Wave Goodnight!

last night i put matthew in his crib for bed and he waved at me before i left the room. i was cracking up. "bye mom. see yuh in the morning."

I also could not sleep last night because my mind is going crazy for what i want to do for Matthew when he turns a year. We are pretty excited. Its nothing too crazy, just fun and I think he will like it.

He has been reading his books for the last hour and randomly throwing his football and chasing it while shouting.

We also are realizing how much Matthew understands what we are saying and as he is starting to say more sounds we are gonna start working hard on doing a little less baby talking to him.

Today Matthew was using Mikes phone to put through his basketball hoop. I told him not to use daddy's phone and to go get his ball. And so he did. He put the phone down and went and got his ball. I was so amazed and how much he understands.

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