Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just Playing

Ask Matthew what he does nowadays. And he will tell you he is "just playing". The two of us had a great day out at a kids play place. He loved it. And was cute and hilarious. Some kid hit him very meanly and matthew just stared at him very intense, kinda confused. Also, after i stopped playing with him and backed off to see what he would do, he sat in the middle of the floor for 30  min, looking at and watching everything, until he eyed one toy out of a million and went to play with that for a good amount of time. i prayed so hard that no kid would take it from him. he was soo happy with it and it took him 30 minutes to decide that toy was the one.

 the blue car is the toy he picked out all by himself. 
he just crawled around pushing it.
it was so cute.

and the above picture is after matthew didnt want to nap this afternoon.
he just started to stand on his own without holding onto things.
everytime he does something big like that,
he wont nap. he will just huff and puff around his crib for an hour;
maybe even scream for a bit. hehehe
oh well, atleast he is a very happy guy.

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