Sunday, February 19, 2012

So Much Good!

Oh. This weekend was a blast. Spent some time in downtown Royal Oak with a friend and Matthew. Went out one afternoon to buy TONS of craft supplies which ended up turning into an awesome craft night with my sister. With no kids. Weird. We have not hung out with no kids in YEARS! Seriously awesome. We want to do it more often. Crafting that is.

Our little family of three had some awesome quality time this weekend and Matthew keeps making us laugh more and more everyday. He has actually discovered the joy of laughing a lot and he does it all the time, even if no one is trying to make him laugh. I love it. and this morning after matthew almost slept 13 hours, WOW, mike brought him into our bed for cuddles in the morning and matthew just crawled to me and curled all up with his head on my chest, wrapped his arms around me and just cuddled with me like no other; lifting up his head for kisses in between the cuddles. melt my heart.

Church was AWESOME as we talked about how we can get so caught up in trying to do the right things as Christians but it is easy to forget that what it is all really about is how much God loves us. Oh. So good.  AND Matthew is just amazing me how he sits through 1.5 hours of church. He just sits on our laps and flips through his books and plays peekaboo with the people behind us. So quietly until the end when Mike decides to make funny faces during a prayer and matthew is squeaking with laughter. I LOVE IT.

I got a great workout in today with a friend at a gym and I will blog about my awesome experience in a bit.

Also. I may have talked about small goals. And how it is much easier to focus on one small goal at a time in life than just trying to do a bunch at once or reach on big one. Small goals makes it less stressful and helps prioritize my life as I only focus on one at a time. Well I haven't been great at it and so I have a friend holding me accountable now and in the last 2 weeks I have finished THREE HUGE goals that i have been slacking on. And no, crafting for my home will never count as a goal. But I am just so excited to keep going with this. I am feeling so empowered to actually be getting things done and moving forward and taking responsibility with the things and relationships the Lord has given to me.

We also just paid of a HUGE chunk off of my school loan. Our school loans is the ONLY debt hanging over us, thank the Lord, and we just cannot wait for it to be gone. We are still doing good at not buying anything we dont have all the cash for upfront and the sacrifice sure has paid off. Its nice not to have "stuff" around that I am paying for every month. Mike is going to a free financial class now and im excited to hear what he learns.

This week is also moms night out with moms group. all us  moms go and do something fun while the husbands are with the kids. did i mention that moms are the most fun to hang out with. seriously. its cuz they dont take going out for granted and we just have a blast. 

Whew. That was a ton. Im sure there is more. But i am going to go read a bit now for my bible study at church. I get to start driving a girl a little younger than me to the study who i have not met yet. she needs a ride and i cannot wait to meet her and get to know her story.

here are just a few pictures of my productive and cute weekend.

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