Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Matthew has determined today that it is independent day for Matthew. Since 7am he has made it clear that he really wants nothing to do with Mom today and he will determine the activities for the day. He so sweetly turned the pages of his books for over an hour today, but if I came near him to read to him he acted agitated. He totally refused his morning nap and acted angry for a while after that I would even put him in that awful crib. He since has been cheery, slamming his little hands on the ground, and I have yet to feel someone tugging on my pants saying "mama." He is getting into all the "no" stuff, found the toilet paper roll, and only acted interested in my presence when I opened up the laptop that he just ripped off the enter key from. I love him, but I for sure am getting to know the other side of Matthew.

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