Friday, February 10, 2012

10 month old Matthew

umm. Im pretty sure 10 month old matthew just ate over 1/4 pound of meatloaf tonight. Not even exaggerating. 10 month old matthew has also really embraced  playing, and I don't see him much now. At least at my feet. I can find 10 month old matthew anywhere really. Most likely reading his books though or pulling all of his toys off the shelf and onto the floor. I love it. He loves to knock down towers that we build and he now makes the biggest cheesy smile, the cheesiest one you could ever see. It is full head up, grin ear to ear where you can see all his teeth. Matthew does best if mom and dad take lots of time to come play with him. he loves knowing that we would prefer to be with him over any task in the house. he can also play alone for a long time but the cheesy grin comes out the second we sit on the floor with him. he also copied me and said "num num" today when eating his food, a few times. he is wandering off from me more when we go to play places. very cute to see him expand a bit. I guess every age just gets better and better. i love him so much. 

 Loving his books!

 Just playing at the mall. ( love how we look in the mirror )

Oh and if Im being honest.
We may have skimmed through Matthew's "veggie tales" book to make 
sure we didnt miss any vegetables on our grocery list. =)

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