Friday, February 1, 2013

This Week

This week was wonderful. I had one rough morning, but after some advice from my husband, none of that crazy back breaking stuff was a problem. And I got to take them out a few times this week and we had so much fun getting out while dad was gone. The daytime alone with the boys is SO easy to me compared to being up at night. I may have told God that I would go through a natural labor again if it meant sleeping through the night forever and ever from hear on out. That says a lot. And I may have said other things that I won't post. Did I mention middle of the nights with an infant are the hardest thing for me so far in my two years of being a mom? Yah. If we are being honest. Other moms say things like "Oh, at least my kids make 4am worth being up." and I'm all like " Oh Dear Lord, just make morning get here so I can have coffee if I am going to have to be awake." They still make 4am worth it, it is just literally painful to be awake sometimes!! =)

But my kids are beautiful and after I woke up this morning with my little baby next to me in my arms( I don't know how he got there) I was so in awe of his beauty and the sun just shining on his perfect sleeping face. Mercies are new every morning, that is for sure.

And my appetite is off the roof. I was concerned. But little Ben is eating soooo good that my calories I eat have went up up up. So my desire for cooking and baking has dramatically increased. I have never made so many homemade meals and baked so many things in one week. It kinda makes me feel like super housewife. I hope the avocado hummus and super duper healthy cookies in the oven will be a hit with my Matthew!

Matthew amazes me with his transition to being a brother. He adores Ben and he has matured so much it is actually sometimes hard for me to believe he could change so much in just 3 weeks. I love him dearly.

Husband and I are yet in another season of growing in our marriage. It is always good to add a good stress. Good thing we are a great team, because the exhausting nights sure have put extra little tones in our voices that make for lots of forgiving. Forgiving is such a good thing. I love him dearly and we are learning yet more and more about our own characters that are good and need changing! I appreciate the seasons in our lives that do that to us. It always makes us more powerfully in love! 

Well, the nice morning with all my guys is almost closing with Mike going to work soon. Cookies baking, Ben napping, and Mike and Matthew playing cars in the living room for what seems like forever is making this moment beautiful and peaceful. I love everything about the chaos and the quiet moments.

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